July 19, 2021

Special Internet Announcement from Topsham Telephone

Dear Valued Customer and Fellow Townsfolk,


Topsham Telephone recognizes the demand for High-Speed Internet in our area. We will rise to meet this demand to better serve our community. We also recognize many of you are frustrated, unsatisfied and angry about the quality and cost of internet service. We take this very seriously and we are listening. We are working to fix this.

Topsham Telephone is actively engaged in the advancement, growth and modernization of our fiber optic network and core infrastructure thereof.

Our goal is to provide each household with access to reliable, fast High-Speed Internet service. Our plan is to continue to modernize our network and expand our fiber optic infrastructure while concurrently retiring our antiquated DSL system. The approach is to build off the main routes and roads where fiber currently exists. We will then work to reach the ‘end of the road’ folks.

To help us make the migration from copper (DSL) to fiber (FTTH), we have enlisted the help of two contracting companies.

  1. Vance Line Construction, a well-known locally owned company, will continue to work with us with line construction and special projects. VLC has been a great help to us. We both value and appreciate our working relationship with VLC.

  2. Layer Eight, a Plattsburg NY company with experience operating in Vermont and a great track record, has recently been brought on board to help us with our fiber splicing and installation workload.

Please join me in welcoming Layer Eight to the fold. Welcome!

Please join me in thanks and gratitude to VLC for their continued support and professionalism. Thanks!

Further, we will also ensure that our existing DSL network is operating at top performance. DSL will not be neglected in the interim to FTTH. We will continue to maintain and operate the system as designed by the manufacturer. Some improvements here are planned as well.

Furthermore, I am pleased to announce we are adding a second circuit to the internet. This will bring an added layer of security, resiliency and reliability to all internet consumers.

Finally, I would like to thank the community in general for your patience, your patronage, and understanding as we work to improve things.

More to come…

Bryan Marteeny, General Manager, Topsham Telephone bmm@ci-top.net

February 2021

Dear Valued Customer and Fellow Townsfolk,

As you may already know, Topsham Telephone has been awarded a grant from the State of Vermont to build out broadband service to our rural area. This came to us quickly and with little time to meet the due date(s) the State has outlined for us. To meet this challenge, we took the necessary steps to get the work started and hope to be In Service soon.

I am pleased to announce that we have constructed a total of 158,000 feet of fiber optic cable to include the following areas with more on the way:

  • Chelsea Rd

  • Brook Rd

  • Cookeville Rd

  • Route 25

  • Village Rd

  • Young Rd

  • Center Rd

  • East Orange Rd

  • Eagle Hollow Rd

  • Route 302 (partial)

  • Chicken Farm Rd

So please pardon our dust and stay tuned as we work to complete the project and better serve the community with fast, reliable internet.”

Bryan Marteeny, General Manager, Topsham Telephone bmm@ci-top.net