Internet speed, Application for Service,DSL Troubleshooting Guide and Email Information


                                                      Residential Rates: Download/Upload Speed        Monthly Charge 

 768Kb / 256Kb                        $34.95
 1.5M /  512Kb                         $54.95
  3M / 768Kb                            $64.95

   5M / 1M                                 $74.95

                                                                                                       7M / 1M                                 $84.95

Business Rates: Download /Upload Speed       Monthly Charge 
   768Kb / 256Kb                        $64.95
   1.5M / 512Kb                          $74.95
    3M / 768 Kb                          $94.95
    5 / 1M                                   $105.95

   7 / 1M                                   $117.95

(The actual internet speed experienced my vary by location. 
 Speeds experienced are up to advertised speeds)

Ready to Apply

Option #1  
Sign 24 month agreement for service, this waives the installation fee of $100.00  
Service Order Fee- $10.00*

Monthly Service Fee- One billed month of service as prepayment    


Option #2     
Installation & Set Up Fee- $100.00                                          

Service Order Fee- $10.00*                                                    

Monthly Service Fee-One billed month of service as prepayment
Maintenance Fee*** - INCLUDED ABOVE



                                             Wireless Router 



 Wireless Router - Wireless Routers are an additional purchase, which made at the time of DSL install are $70.00.  Once the router is purchased it is your equipment, not Topsham Telephone and is not included in any maintenance fee.  Wireless routers allow access for additional computers to the DSL service.  It also allows computers with a wireless card the ability to move the computer up to 300 feet from the router and still have access to the internet. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a router  please ask the Customer Service Representatives.  If purchased after your DSL is installed the router is $70.00 plus a service charge of $37.50 to install.  Further charges may apply.


Reconnect Fee (per re-connection) - $45.00                                                     
*Indicates one time set up fees

*** The Maintenance Fee is for service which entitles customers the use of one (1) surge protection unit provided and installed by Topsham Telephone. The surge protector is designed to prevent high fluctuations in electrical charges from reaching the modem. Topsham Telephone will install the surge protector at the time the modem is installed and Customer must leave the surge protector and modem in place as installed by Topsham Telephone as long as they subscribe to the Service. 


DSL Troubleshooting Guide 

Email Guide for Magic Mail 

DSL Application


Most customers use a 3rd party email client like Outlook or Thunderbird. When using an email client the mail server settings need to be configured If you go under:


Account Settings enter in the info: E-mail address: Needs to be your full email address including

Server Information:

                                    Incoming mail server (POP3):                        

                                   Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Logon Information User Name: Needs to be your full email address including

Password: If you cant remember your password call us for assistance **Please note we do have tech support for our server Magic Mail, you may choose to have a third party mail client  but  we do not service other mail clents (i.e Outlook, AOL, Gmail etc.).  If you have questions please call  the office.

It is recommended that you try to clean out your mailbox at least once a month.  

1.     Go to

2.    login with your full email address: and your password

3.    On the left hand side of the window click on Webmail, Then  a new window will open.

4.    Click on you folders SPAM  & Inbox to delete messages

5.    Above your INBOX there is a little button that says Reload , please push this to refresh your mailbox

6.    Then click on PURGE located right next to your Trash  folder.  You will see that your QUOTA USAGE will adjust accordingly.

Customers who subscribe to Internet and/or TV are eligible for a monthly discount if

you also subscribe to one of the My Choice Plans. Some restrictions apply.

 Prices subject to change.

Telephone Service is required in order to subscribe to Internet or Television.